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Anxiety and the Prostate Cancer Patient on Active Holistic Surveillance

The Department of Urology has just received approval for a clinical trial exploring Anxiety and the Prostate Cancer Patient on Active Holistic Surveillance.

The purpose of this study is to identify patients undergoing active surveillance for prostate cancer who have anxiety associated with their diagnosis.
For those qualified this study will include a 12-week licensed psychologist-facilitated group intervention in this patient population to determine if treating disease-related anxiety improves patient quality of life, delays radical, elective treatment of prostate cancer, and to monitor symptom progression and remission during and after therapy.

Patients need to (1) have a pre-existing, biopsy-proven diagnosis of prostate cancer, (2) be on active surveillance, and (3) have no other diagnosis of any other malignancies.
If you or anyone you know is interested and eligible you can contact  or call 516-535-4184 in order to be screened for the trial.

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